1. *Note: Most programs serve adult populations in addition to the indicated special populations. There are some programs that serve only the special population indicated, contact the program for more information.

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    Please note that this is not a listing of all of the DWI Education Programs in Maryland. It does include all of the DWI programs that are presently approved by the Maryland Behavioral Health Administration. Some programs are in the approval or re-approval process and are not yet listed. We will list these programs as soon as their approval is complete.

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    This is a listing of all state certified substance abuse treatment programs in Maryland. The BHA is not responsible for the availability of a treatment slot at any given program, contact the specific program for availability information. If you need further assistance locating treatment call 410-402-8600 or Email BHA by clicking on the “contact us” text on the left-side of the BHA Web banner. If you are a program administrator and need assistance updating program information contact the BHA Web team at 410-402-8592 or use the “contact us” feature in the left upper banner.